Friday, January 12, 2007

2007 - The Year of Navigation

More extended commentary from CES. 2007 will be the year of navigation. This was clear from the plethora of navigation devices at CES from a variety of new entrants. The cost of GPS receivers modules has enabled much lower cost GPS receivers.

Entry level GPS receivers will be available for under $300 in retail.

Uniden, mostly known for cordless phones, announced three new personal navigation devices including the Maptrax 402 and 352.

Sony showed a geo tagger (GPS-CS1) which logs geographic position for 190 hours and then adds geographic coordinates to your photos. It matches the time codes from the photos to the logged position (sampled very 10 seconds) and works with most cameras (MSRP: about $150).

LG showed a device for the Korean market which combines a GPS receiver with a T-DMB digital TV receiver for those who get lost easily and need entertainment while locating their destination.

Kenwood showed an in-dash mounted double DIN navigation unit with a 6.95" display, TMC traffic data from XM or Clearchannel, Garmin navigation hardware, and DVD playback.

Blaupunkt and Kenwood announced a joint venture to develop PND's.

Korean company iRiver announced a WiFi enabled GPS receiver.

Navigon announced that it will offer free real-time traffic data using Clearchannel's real-time traffic service.
TeleNav announced a cellphone based navigation service.
Various Asian manufacturers including Aigo, Malata, and MSI showed low cost systems.

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